About Us

About us



Haderech (The Path, The Way) is based upon a treatment model which describes dependency on mood altering chemicals as a chronic, progressive disease.  In the absence of effective treatment, this disease can be fatal. Addiction is not seen as a moral issue.   We believe that just as a diabetic is treated and not blamed for his illness, so should the addict be similarly treated.


Our goal is to treat people who suffer from addiction of all kinds, including drugs, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders who are willing to undergo a deep process of healing within the framework of a supportive and life affirming therapeutic community. Professional staff will guide you along The Way.


Haderech is the first and only licensed 12 step facility in Israel and the Middle East. We have international residents from all over the world. 


English speaking residents whose origin is from countries where English is their mother tongue will be facilitated in their application by Tekuma Recovery Group located in the United States.  A Tekuma representative will answer all your questions and provide you with all necessary information.  You can reach Tekuma by calling 1-800-931-3032 or by completing their contact page at www.tekumarecovery.com.







The Goal


Treating people who suffer from Addiction (drugs, eating disorders, alcohol, gambling) who wish to go through a deep process of healing within the framework of a community.


Tekuma - Recovery Group