How to get accepted

How to get accepted


For patients applying from English speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and the British Commonwealth, please first contact Tekuma Recovery Group in the United States.  Before arriving in Israel, a Tekuma representative will review and facilitate your application including psychological and/or psychiatric and medical reports.  For further information and details, please contact Tekuma Recovery Group as listed below.



To contact Tekuma Recovery Program, please complete the contact form at

Or call at 914-8132344

Dr. Evan Bellin


:For other candidates

The patient needs to have medical tests which can be downloaded from the website.

International medical insurance needs to be organized.

We need a letter from a psychologist or doctor explaining the patient's medical history and problem.

After arriving in Israel an interview will be set up to evaluate if the patient is suited to our rehabilitation program.


To contact us please email to

Or by phone +972-4-54-2273444


Dr. Amnon Michael





Dr. Amnon Michael



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